ENGINEERING AND SITE MANAGEMENT Engineering support through all phases of an offshore wind farm project READ MORE

Engineering for Offshore Wind

Marine Operations / Transport and Installation (T&I) / Foundations and WTG Installation

✓ General project preparation and early phase concept engineering to full mechanical completion.
✓ Detailed transportation engineering
✓ Value engineering
✓ Planning and execution of vessel mobilisations (see also Project Management)
✓ Detailed installation engineering for jack-up units
✓ Installation engineering for floating installation vessels
✓ Deck-layouts and detailed lifting plans
✓ Site specific assessments (SSA) for installation site and harbour locations
✓ Bathymetry and assessment of soil investigations  
✓ Development of Noise Mitigation Concepts in Europe and German Waters (DBBC and NMS)
✓ Development of noise monitoring concepts
✓ Lifting studies for floating and fixed lifts
✓ Vessel selection and feasibility studies for all phases of installation scope
✓ Liaise with Client, DNVGL/MWS as well as German BSH for the certification and approval of installation concept
✓ Lead DNVGL document approval process for installation documentation
✓ Elaboration and review of all marine related documentation such as Motion Analysis, Site SSAs, Stability Analysis as well as anchor plans and Metocean studies
✓ Load-out planning and execution
✓ Logistic concepts and barge feeder concepts
✓ Management of logistics interfaces
✓ Responsibility for design and fabrication of sea-fastening and installation tools for foundation installation as well as WTG installation scopes
✓ Creation of installation method statements and risk assessments
✓ Management of marine operations
✓ Elaboration and negotiations of contracts and due diligence of steel fabricators
✓ Diving works
✓ Inspection supervision and follow-up of subcontractors for design and fabrication
✓ Support during in-surveys and out-surveys
✓ Setting of HSE standards and HSE corporate compliance checks/implementation 

Marine related engineering

Lifting Engineering / Weather Downtime (Workability) / Hydrodynamics CFD / Structural FEM

✓ Motion analysis for jack-up vessels, floating lift vessels and cable laying vessels including air-gap calculations in the time domain and frequency domain
✓ Dynamic lifting analysis for offshore lifts–>multi-body coupled systems
✓ Hydrodynamic analysis of offshore floating foundations
✓ Hydrostatics and stability of ships (barges, Jack-Up vessels and similar structures) according to DNV, MODU and IS code.
✓ Processing of MetOcean data and workability calculations and stochastics
✓ Weather-downtime assessments via stochastic approach and direct Monte Carlo simulation
✓ Engineering of mooring systems, hull structural design and naval architecture
✓ Transportation sea-fastenings and project deck-layouts
✓ Hull integrity checks according to classification and certification body
✓ Ship conversion, modification and repair engineering of e.g. semi-submersible and classical ship-shaped vessels
✓ Advanced engineering such as spectral and time domain fatigue and coupled motions
✓ Assessments for structural integrity as well as corrosion management, fatigue assessment (FLS) and ultimate strength (ULS) analyses
✓ Model tests for floating foundations (BlueH) as well as ship model tests of jack-up vessels and general hydrodynamic tests
✓ General software implementation of re-occurring tasks (automatisation)



✓ Daily site coordination, planning, reporting and managing multidisciplinary subcontractors and workloads while maintaining corporate HSE standards.
✓ Vessel planning, daily progress reports and PtW applications. Implementation of clients Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental integrated management systems.
✓ Interface management for various subcontractors, as-built documentation, planning and scheduling of logistics for installation works.
✓ Preparation of Method Statements, Risk Assessments, emergency response plans and safe working procedures. Implementation of German SchuSiKo during and before construction phase.
✓ Main point of contact for captain, MWS and client reps onboard of various jack-up vessels, daily vessel and client meetings.
✓ Responsibilities for mobilisations of jack-ups and floating vessels.


The below pictures give you a small impression of tools and equipment that have been developed in the past 7 years.